Der Kurs gibt in komprimierter Form einen Überblick über die Standards des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens und besteht aus mehreren Videoclips, kleinen Quizzen und Dokumenten zum Download. Darin finden sich die wichtigsten Regeln zum Zitieren, Referenzieren und Bibliografieren von Bild- und Textquellen und zur Strukturierung einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit.


We offer the unique opportunity to work on an interesting/fascinating topic and to develop future skills in an international interdisciplinary project.

As member of an interdisciplinary team (which will be put to together by us, see below)

  • participate in an international symposium on autonomous driving to be held in Constance on 10 July 2024,
  • identify and define a topic to be pursued by your team autonomously,
  • present your results at the final seminar on 18 October 2024.

This means, the project runs from 10 July to 18 October 2024. We as instructors accompany and coach the teams during this process but give and expect autonomy of you as a team to work on a topic of autonomous systems.



All students of the HTWG – independently of study program or study level. The intention is to learn to contribute in an interdisciplinary way to a team with a diverse range of skills. Anyone can contribute to this!



Train most relevant future skills by

  • setting topics and goals autonomously,
  • working in an unknown and diverse team productively,
  • learning the necessary contents self-reliably,
  • pursuing and working self-responsibly,
  • and delivering high-quality results nonetheless.



  • Two ECTS (ungraded) or three ECTS (graded).
  • The project may be credited as elective, studium generale, or project. Ask those responsible for your degree program what options are available in your curriculum.

Einschreibeschlüssel: LG24_***

*** steht für Studiengang(z.B BIB,WIB, AIN, MAB, IWI…)